Three Signs That You Need to Hire an Internet and Social Media Investigation Specialist

With most people using social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter,the way private investigations are being handled is changing. When you hire a PI to investigate someone, they willuse social media as one of the tools that they have at their disposal to research information for your case.

Here are three signs that you need to hire digital forensics for social media investigation:

You Need to Gather Evidence for a Court Appearance
Facebook and social media posts can be used to verify the character of a person, to support alibis, and to confirm the relationships or lifestyle of the person involved. Posts can confirm that the person being investigated was in the vicinity of an area when a crime was committed, the people that they are commonly known to associate with, whether they are a responsible parent and more.

You are Looking for a Missing Person
If you are looking for a teenager or other missing person it is likely that they will have information posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social media if they are safe and well. People in the vicinity of the location that the person went missing can be investigated by hiring a mobile phone investigator. Persons of interest can be watched closely by monitoring their social media accounts.

For Identity Verification
When wanting to verify the identity of someone who has committed a crime such as theft, arson, computer crime or more, digital forensics can be invaluable.

A mobile phone investigator, or digital forensics investigator, will help you in many legal situations including the above. Personal evidence can be obtained through digital forensics in the above instances. Nearly everyone these days posts their personal life on social media!

Although you may have the tools to undertake your own investigation, mobile phone and digital forensics investigators are highly trained in research. They have the resources and materials to go through countless posts, tweets, and messages and to uncover information that is vital to the investigation.

Three Signs That You Need to Hire an Internet and Social Media Investigation Specialist